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Irregular Wear

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The tread area of a tyre gets worn due to friction with the road surface. If the tread is worn evenly then this is known as ‘regular’ wear; if it is worn in an uneven manner then it is suffering from ‘irregular’ wear. Technically, there is no such thing as regular wear as a degree of irregular wear exists in every tyre. However, a tyre that has been worn in a comparatively regular fashion will cover far more kilometres than an irregularly worn tyre. Therefore, a tyre that has been irregularly worn will increase the purchase cost for the customer.

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A lot of factors contribute to irregular wear some of which are controllable and others are not. A comprehensive overview of the causes is contained in the chart above.
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Any change to a tyre's optimum footprint (right) will affect the way it is worn. Modern radial tyres are designedtyre foot print

to distribute an equal load across the portion of the tread which is in contact with the road surface, providing the tyre is correctly infl ated. In an ideal scenario, if a tyre is rolling in a uniform manner then it will wear evenly. However, the factors outlined in the chart can result in a tyre rolling in an abnormal manner; specifi cally, the tyre may drag, slip, bounce or skip. Every time the tyre surface makes contact with the road, the abnormalities in the footprint will gradually result in irregular wear.

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  • It is extremely diffi cult to completely eliminate irregular wear, as there are so many different causes.
  • However, it is possible for fleets to limit the impact of irregular wear by taking preventative measures. Fleets should pay attention to their vehicles’ alignment, suspension and rotating parts, and ensure that tyres are mounted correctly.
  • Drivers should avoid rash driving, and try to make longer turns. Inflation pressure is of paramount importance since it is one of the major causes of irregular wear and other tyre related damages.
  • Maintaining the correct level of inflation pressure is the easiest, cheapest and most effective measure for reducing irregular wear and ensuring maximum tyre life.
  • Unfortunately, this simple procedure is often overlooked or neglected.




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